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  • The variety of designs and colors, along with the quality workmanship make these highly desirable pieces to wear and to collect.

  • Elegant and graceful designs vary from simple traditional to those that would be considered works of art – a variety to fit all your needs.

  • The sparkle of a rhinestone rivals that of a precious gem.

  • You can have a unique collection of extra special rhinestone accessories that give you a glamorous glitzy look and make a fashion statement.

  • Something magical happens when you put on a piece of vintage rhinestone jewelry – experience that sensational feeling.

  • It has had a previous life that one can only imagine – who wore it and the memories it gave its owner as it was worn during those special occasions through one’s life – the prom, that special night out, weddings, anniversaries, dances, cruises, pageants.

  • Now it can create fantastic memories for you!!

:: I am continually adding items to the website listing. 
Be sure to check back frequently to see the lat
est additions.


The majority of the items listed under Vintage are from the 1950’s and 1960’s and have been owned and worn by someone.  Thus, vintage jewelry will seldom look like a new piece of jewelry.  There are some pieces that look like they have never been worn but in most cases the items will have normal vintage wear and aging, which would include minor surface scratches and some wear to the metal finish on the backside of the necklace. 

The condition of each piece is subjective and certainly is in the eye of the beholder.  I have examined each piece carefully and have tried to provide an accurate description of any unusual wear, aging or repairs of each item – which is reflected in the price for that item.  I also have done my best to provide photographs that show an accurate representation of the jewelry.  However, please keep in mind that colors are approximate due to variance in monitors and systems.  If you need further assistance in determining the condition of an item, please email me with your questions.

Because the size of a piece of jewelry can be misleading in photographs, I have included the width at its widest point and the length of the piece in inches.  I also have given the size of the various stones in the piece – these are stated in millimeters (mm) and are approximations because measuring the stones in the settings accurately is difficult.  Conversion of mm to inches would be approximately:

                        25 mm  =  1 inch
                        19 mm  =  ¾ inch
                        13 mm  =  ½ inch
                          6 mm  =  ¼ inch

Most of the necklaces are choker length, 15-16 inches.  Before purchasing, please make sure you measure yourself to ensure the necklace will fit.  When the necklace is stated to be 16 inches long, that is the maximum length and if your neck is 16 inches it probably will be tight.

For those who need a necklace a little longer, I have added “Extra Length” to the item description for any necklace that is at least 17 inches long.  By typing in Extra Length in the Search Box you will get a listing of these.


The interchangeable jewelry combines the glitzy brooches of the 1950’s and 1960’s with the brilliance of a new handcrafted crystal necklace made with Swarovski crystal beads.  The effect is sensational.

The crystal necklace has a detachable crystal bead pendant.  The vintage brooch can either be worn as a brooch or as a pendant with the crystal necklace.  When worn as a pendant you will definitely have a one-of-a-kind necklace that will make a fashion statement.

All the crystal beads have an aurora borealis finish which creates a fabulous shimmering effect.


Designs have been inspired by the glitzy and elegant designs of the vintage rhinestone and crystal bead jewelry from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Unless stated otherwise, all of the new handcrafted jewelry is made with genuine Swarovski crystal beads made in Austria that have the aurora borealis (AB) finish.  Aurora borealis refers to an iridescent finish that is added to half of each bead so that there is a fabulous contrast with each bead.  The AB finish gives the beads extra shine and sparkle as it reflects a rainbow of colors.

Considering the quality and quantity of the Swarovski crystal beads that are being used, these items are priced at very affordable prices.

Since these pieces are handcrafted, it is possible that some pieces might have a minor difference from the photo shown.  However, overall design would be the same.

There are a limited number of new items in stock.  However, if you see a design you like and it is not available in the color or length that you need, please use the Made To Order form.  You will be able to view the item on-line before making a purchase commitment. 




Sorry, we only ship to the United States and Canada.

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