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Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

New Handmade Crystal Beaded Jewelry

Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry from the 1950s & 1960s.  Large selection of glamorous vintage costume jewelry and designer rhinestone collectible jewelry, including a variety of necklaces, brooches and earrings that are suitable for casual wear, bridal, prom or an elegant evening out dining and dancing.

New Handmade Crystal Beaded Jewelry made entirely with Swarovski Austrian crystal beads. Designs inspired by vintage rhinestone and crystal costume jewelry.  Unlike some handmade jewelry that have only a few Austrian crystal beads, these necklaces and earrings are entirely genuine Swarovski Austrian crystal beads.  Pricing is extremely competitive.

Welcome to Rhines of Old!

This website & secure online store features quality Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry, which is very wearable today and collectible.  Both designer signed and unsigned pieces are available.  Examples of designers include Weiss, Coro, Trifari, Kramer.  The costume jewelry within the Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry category could also be described as: Designer Jewelry, Designer Costume Jewelry, Vintage Designer Jewelry, Signed Costume Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Vintage Costume Jewelry, Vintage Collectible Jewelry, Vintage Crystal Jewelry, Vintage Necklaces, Rhinestone Necklaces, Vintage Brooches, Rhinestone Brooches, Vintage Earrings, Rhinestone Earrings, 1950s Jewelry, Glamour Jewelry, Glitzy Jewelry, Faux Gem Jewelry, Faux Diamond Jewelry.  Because vintage rhinestone costume jewelry has so many different designs and colors, you should be able to find that special item that is very appropriate for casual wear, weddings, bridal jewelry, prom jewelry, a special occasion, or an evening out dining and dancing.

You will also find new handmade Austrian Crystal Beaded Jewelry on this site, including necklaces and earrings.  The costume jewelry within this category could also be called: Fashion Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry, Austrian Crystal Jewelry, Crystal Beaded Jewelry, Beaded Costume Jewelry, Costume Jewelry Necklace, Crystal Beaded Necklace, Crystal Beaded Earrings.  This jewelry is also very appropriate for casual wear, weddings, bridal jewelry, prom jewelry, a special occasion, or an evening out dining and dancing.

Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry:

As an amateur ballroom dancer I bought my first vintage rhinestone necklace to wear to a dance competition.  That started my love affair with vintage rhinestone costume jewelry, designer signed and unsigned.  Rhinestone jewelry from the 1950s is breathtaking with bold and glitzy designs that sparkle to rival any precious stones.

Rhinestones are made of highly reflective leaded glass.  Foiled rhinestones have a backing of a thin layer of metallic gold or silver in order for light to bounce off the glass and produce a magnificent brilliance. The Aurora Borealis (AB) coating was first popularized in 1950s.  It is a special coating that produces a sparkling effect with a fabulous rainbow of colors.

In the 1950s, rhinestone jewelry was considered inexpensive costume jewelry that was an alternative to fine jewelry that middle class women could afford.  Since rhinestones came in all colors they emulated diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and all the other precious stones.  In the 1980s color was once again important in jewelry and the rhinestone jewelry from the 1950s became popular again and collectible.  Vintage rhinestone costume jewelry is not the same as today’s fashion jewelry.  Once you have owned a vintage piece you will appreciate the difference – the bold colors, the fantastic variety of designs and the wonderful workmanship.  Vintage rhinestone jewelry has appreciated in value over time and is expected to continue to do so because of the limited supply.  Not only can you collect affordable jewelry but you also can enjoy the pleasure of wearing it and impressing everyone with your style of fashion.

Unlike today’s fashion jewelry, with the vintage rhinestone jewelry you can find a multitude of styles.  Thus you can create your own distinctive style and be a standout. The smaller pieces that are delicately regal were called prom jewelry in the 1950s and still would be excellent costume jewelry for a prom today.  Not only would it provide the perfect accessory to the prom dress, it could be the beginning of a collection for the young lady that would give her lasting memories of her prom and other special occasions.

Rhines of Old has Designer Signed Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry, including Necklaces, Brooches and Earrings by:  Ann-Vien – Avon - Austria – B. David  – BeauJewels – Bogoff – Cathe - Ciner – Continental – Coro – Eisenberg Ice – Emmons – Florenza - Gale – Garne – Germany – Hobe – Hollycraft – Jay Flex – Jomaz – Karu Arke - Kenneth J. Lane – Kramer – LaRoco – Ledo – Leru – Lisner – Pell – Richelieu - Sarah Coventry – Star – Tara - Triad – Trifari – Vendome – Vogue – Weiss – Wirth of California – Yves St. Laurent

New Handmade Austrian Crystal Beaded Jewelry, Necklaces & Earrings

Swarovski crystal beads have unbelievable fire and sparkle.  All these handcrafted beaded jewelry items have been created with genuine Swarovski crystal beads that have the aurora borealis special effect finish, creating that extra sparkle that is so eye-catching.  There is no comparison to fashion jewelry that does not have the Swarovski crystals.  Compare these prices to other sites.  The cost of using only aurora borealis Swarovski crystal beads is higher and I have priced these necklaces and earrings so that they are extremely competitive to other sites.

A wide variety of fabulous colors from Swarovski are available – check out the Made to Order.

Photos for both the vintage rhinestone jewelry and these gorgeous crystal beaded jewelry do not do them justice.  They cannot capture the real brilliance of these prices.  In person you would find these items irresistible.  Both the vintage and new crystal jewelry will get you noticed, as you feel classy, elegant and sophisticated.



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